Awards and Nominations

A separate space for the awards and nominations which I have been receiving from my little world which consists of widely elated and outstanding writers from different parts of the world. It always put a πŸ™‚ or at-least a πŸ˜› on my matured face while accepting this kind of honors from the WordPress family. Thanks a lot for all your supports and encouragements that you have been giving via these valuable tags for my lilΒ works. Indeed, these award symbols give some additional Β beauty toΒ my writing world, and that’s the reason why I have created a separate show-case for placing these silver-tongued printings Β here. πŸ™‚

Here is the link for the various award nominations that I have received thus far:


Thank you, Unpredictable Life

Thank you so much, Preety and Kim!

Thank you so much, Naima!

Thank you so much, Boomie and Naima!

Thanks Soumyaji!

Thanks a lot, Judy!

Thank you so much, Mizz Zari!

Thanks a lot, Celestine!

Thank you so much, Sheevi!

Thank you so much, Nina and Sheikh!

Thank you so much, Monica and Mari!

Thank you so much, Kim!

Thank you so much, Kim!

Thank you so much, Soumya Dheedhi and Sofia!

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