Love in Winter

love in winter.jpg

It’s a beautiful feeling

To remain like this

Kissing her

For the last time



And beauty in her

Keeps me warm

Enlightened to enjoy

Drips of rain

Hovering over us

Leaving us in our world

For one last time

Image Credits: Tumblr

6 thoughts on “Love in Winter

  1. Man..I missed your posts.. I was starting to think if u have removed me from your list..but thankfully u did not… Loved the poem…awesome..feeling loved is in itself beautiful..and I have no words to explain how beautifully you have put words to this particular feeling..

  2. I don’t know how to make a criticism of your poet. Your poem is about infinite love, as a result, I think it can be called romantic poetry. I don’t know whether the poem is connected with your personal life or not.

    • Hello Dhithy! Firstly, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Appreciated.

      I believe one of the best ways to forget the past is sharing what you feel inside. Being in love is awesome, only when you’re with the right person who understands your love; no matter how much you do fight, there should be a way to make things sort out.

      ~ Rahul

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