A Thread of Her Memories

I peered deeper into the mirror

Her image- she wasn’t there

I cleared my clueless mind

Her change- an unseen shadow

I waited for her, doubtlessly

Her smile- a breaking thought

I stood there, still in agony

Her absence- story of my present

I fell down, not to stand today

Her death- my afterlife.

Photo Credits: Tumblr 

4 thoughts on “A Thread of Her Memories

    • When you feel something in real and pen down those thoughts without any further restrictions, maybe in a few words, it’ll certainly make some sense to the readers– it’s neither fictional nor the descriptions about others lives, but it’s a real incident in writer’s life; he doesn’t have to lie much.

      Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and stopping by my little blog space. I’m extremely happy to hear that you liked it. Have a good weekend. 🙂

      ~ Rahul

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