Nirbhaya- My Sister

She’s a young Indian daughter

She loved her parents like living gods

She’d her unending dreams to conquer

She’d her illimitable choices of freedom

She worked for the poorest ones

She studied to rise and shine

She lived for what she learnt

She roamed around New Delhi, that night

She’d enjoyed the moments of night’s charm

She’s on her way back to entire darkness

She’s reacted powerfully, but nobody cared

She’s slaughtered for her laughter

She’s brutally handled by a group of morons

She’s left at the corner, helplessly to endure the pains of scars

She’s determined not to leave even at the worst

She’s survived to ascend and catch her life

She hadn’t even had time to withstand it, any longer

She’d left, kept everybody in her wing

She is a sacred light for the humanity

She is my sister, a woman whom I respect the most

She is Nirbhaya, a dotted signature in my blood’s diary

Note: “When being raped, she shouldn’t fight back. She should just be silent and allow the rape. Then they’d have dropped her off after ‘doing her’, and only hit the boy.”, Mukesh Singh, one among the molesters of Nirbhaya case, stated on a documentary, which highlights the facts of incident happened on 16th December 2012, covered by Leslee Udwin, BBC.

“Will you do the same against a woman from whom you’ve gained the right to be alive?”

I don’t dare whether he’ll either say yes or no, it might be a yes!

Photo Credits: I’m Clueless Blog

13 thoughts on “Nirbhaya- My Sister

  1. I quoted exactly the same thing of this moron on my Facebook page. How dare him say that if she would have been silent, they would have not killed her. How dare he say that ‘she should stay silent and allow the rape.’
    I have no idea how low will this humanity stoop any further.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Kind Regards,

    • Nirbhaya is just a reminder for the whole new world, Naima. Personally, I don’t think any changes would happen if the mentality of morons like him goes on viral like this. He also stated that if Government takes strict actions against brutal acts like this, rogues behind the plot would directly shatter the raped woman; they would kill her to hide what they’ve done for a few seconds of pleasure. What’s there in it? Why such a total destruction? Just for sex?

      I always thought of it, although I haven’t found out any proper answer yet.

      The other side of justice and laws state that they do it because of the life they’re leading and the lack of basic education. Still, isn’t it weird to believe so? Killing somebody brutally for sex! So weird it’s…

      – Rahul

      • That’s the thing. It’s not ‘just sex’ for these rapists. It’s about being dominant and their sick thinking of trying to have this shit control of woman. I don’t know what their psychotic thinking is for such a brutal action that they don’t care about anything. Worse off, they blame the victim that a girl who is out at 10 in the night is ‘apparently’ not a good girl so ‘rape her’. He said that it’s more of a girl to be responsible than a guy for rape. I wonder if they even realise that what they have done is ‘wrong’ whether the girl is good or bad. It’s not that she asked for it.
        I read about the threat they gave to the government that strict laws will result in killing of rape victims in future but that was his cheap tactic to somehow succeed in his death appeal and escape the death sentence. If somebody have the mindset of rape, they will rape not kill because our society still go by the rule that informing the police is dishonor. Thousands of rape cases go unreported each year in every country, not just India. All I am saying is, a rapist is a sick man and killing women means even more stricter laws. Right now, the only solution I see is educating men. I mean I read that this 50 year old man was raping an injured 4 year old cow using coconut oil as the lubricant. The cow died later. That’s how sick people are, they don’t even spare innocent animals.


      • Yeah! I agree with you, Naima. But do you think that it’s easier to educate people like him although India is democratic nation where everybody have the right to gain knowledge from the educational institutions, at least basic education from Government institutions for absolutely free of cost. What he said regarding his educational phase was also a lie, I suppose. He was like he got banned from the educational institutions since his childhood and hence he acquired knowledge of violence from his gang who were dwelling together in the slum. Thus they learnt how to make easy money for filling the empty stomachs of the dependents in their poorest families. It’s their common mindset, Naima. I know that it must change; and the change should begin from their parents view on the society itself. A child’s birth and his growth begins from where he’s and with whom he’s living together. He learns to walk, sit, talk, and learn his life through the experiences he have been getting from the world around him. In Nirbhaya’s case, every molesters included in the gang are coming from a family consisting of their parents; one among them have a lil kid and spouse, too. Still he led the team for doing such a brutal crime; he’d forgotten everything at that moment to teach her a lesson at that specific moment. That’s how it happens; they forget it, and they don’t know what they’re saying or doing in their regular tedious lives. Of course, they must get proper basic education, but that too has got a lot of limitations as they’re coming from erratic families. A change should happen from “I”; and the chain followed by you, he, she, they, and it goes on furthermore.

        I personally had a bitter experience while I visited New Delhi last time. She and I were walking out from the New Delhi Railway Station. Once we’re out, all those rickshaw walas out there tried to catch our attention by interrupting our way. “Sir! We’ve got best AC rooms for you including food”, “It’s the safest hotel for you to stay” and a lot more. A boy and girl walk together and these people with crooked mindset viewing it in a quite incongruous manner. What a shit it’s?

        I also read that news about the man who’d sex with cow. Sex is just a pleasure that would last only for a few minutes. Once men released “it”, they’ll have a perplexed feeling on what they’d done. I mean, for a common as well as normal human-being! But these people… What they seek from sex is a sylvan encounter without bothering about what they’re doing on a living being.

        – Rahul

    • They’re the actual rapists behind this case. They’re men who support raping their own mothers and sisters, and any woman in the public later to make themselves feel better.

      P.S. They don’t know how a real man would react if they’re seen in the public. Bloody scoundrels!

      – Rahul

  2. Have watched the docu… it seems that some of the dialogues are scripted. But that actually doesn’t change the scenario…that doesn’t change the mindset of those people who really think that women are responsible for rapes! I shudder and cry silently even today thinking of Jyoti!!!

    • Yeah! I just came to know that BBC exposed it. I would strongly recommend you to read the link given by Partha Sadhukhan above. Relentless fact. I feel so pity on the people who have done this documentary.

      – Rahul

  3. With so many posts on Nirbhaya, this one instantly caught my eye because of the title… Nirbhaya my sister !!! The angst and anger are brought out with just a few words in this post.. A relevant one indeed!!! Here’s hoping for an India that ensures women safety, empowerment and equality in every state. And the issue requires attention from both the sexes… !! This post clearly serving the cause ..

  4. Only to add – I wonder if anything by the name “Humanity” exists. I am shocked even to read that the lawyers gave such irresponsible statements.

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