He dwells in Me

My Lord

Har Har Mahadev!

An Immortal’s arrival

Made me fly so high

.P.S. Nowadays, I’m getting too much addicted to know regarding the historical and ethical aspects of Shiva, who is considered as one among the most powerful Gods in Hindu mythology. Although, being an atheistic or agnostic believer, I’m not considering him as a God on the basis of spiritual and religious accounts. What enlightened me is his attitude and unique outlook while comparing with the existence of other Gods in different religions who were created under human logical or illogical thinking process. Of course, nobody has ever given any proper evidences or explanations regarding the existence of Gods here. We know God as a savior through wide number of spiritual books, who saves everyone from the evil and negative energies surrounding all around us; we’ve seen him with different names through the figures and sketches done on the basis of artistic conceptions. ย Anyway, this is what I believe and my belief restricts to my limits. I firmly believe Shiva as a powerful odd fish, not as a God, and accept him as a contentious personality who has an ardent glee of positive vibes and energy in him.ย 

Om Namaah Shivaya

Those who would like to know more about him, go through the given links:

Who is Shiva?

Understanding the Symbols Of Shiva

Nataraj: Dancing Shiva

Here are certain music videos which could explain about him shortly:

Apache Indian:ย Om Namaah Shivaya

Tribute to Bob Marley: Om Namaah Shivaya

Krishna Das: Om Namaah Shivaya

Photo Credits: Google Images

13 thoughts on “He dwells in Me

  1. I have been reading about Krishna Consciousness for a while and I realise every God is almost the same; it’s people who give Him different names. Anyway, it’s an informative post. I will read the links you provided.

    Warm Regards,

  2. Rahul thanks for sharing this. Truth is one, Sages describe it variously. Lord Shiv seated in meditation, eyes closed, chanting on japa beads. It is stated that He is meditating on Lord Vishnu’s transcendental form and chanting Vishnu’s holy names.Siva is subservient to Lord Vishnu.

    • He’s the man; You’re his bestowed follower. And of course, I also! ๐Ÿ˜€
      Thank you so much for such a descriptive feedback and visiting my little writing space, Mr. Summit. Have a good time there. May Shiva always dwells in you. *smiles*

      – Rahul

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