An Egg

It’s too hard to break this barrier! It’s really hard to break it and get freed from where I’m… I tried it. I tried a lot. But I couldn’t; I’m not that strong to do it. I could listen to them. I could readily listen to what’s going on outside this complicated blockade. Mama…. I know her; most of the times, I sleep so peacefully under the warmth she gives me. But when I’m awake, I couldn’t see anything else other than this dotty glue surrounding me. It’s so dirty, I must say. My sparkling eyes are always wet with this stewed glue! It’s so disgusting.. I wanna go out. For that, I must have to break it. I must break this yellow- No! It’s not white– shell around me and go out to see what’s precisely happening there, not only through the voices, but also through my vigilant eyes, both eyes; I want to see myself. I want to see the whole world, then! I want….. No… I don’t know. Am I right with what I just said to you? Shall I’ve to break it? It’s here where I’m alive rightly at this moment. I don’t know how it’ll be outside! I have listened to most of their calls. But what if they’re not right? What if they’re fake? I’m here! I’m alive here. This is my world, then why should I break it? Why should I go out to see an unreal world, a dusky- wide space that I haven’t ever seen yet? It’ll be so cunning to do so, uh? Yes, it’s… Isn’t it? No, it’s….

Photo Credits: Google Images

9 thoughts on “An Egg

    • Awww…! That’s such a lovely feedback came from you, John. I’m happy that you liked it. Thank you so much for visiting my little blog space. Have a good day. God bless. 🙂

      – Rahul

  1. This is such a beautiful confession that all of is would like to make. We want things that we don’t even know of just because that end sounds (on the basis of our judgement, mostly curiosity) better than present! A beautiful concept. Keep it up!

    Warm Regards,

    • Yea! Life would be so unfair if we stick onto the same observations and dwell according to it. I believe, exploring ourselves through various pathways is the best thing we can do in life. Thank you so much for your wise feedback, Naima. You always keep a smile on me through your remarkable perspectives. Have a good day! Cheers, Buddy. 🙂

      – Rahul

      • You are so kind to with your compliments, Rahul. It’s always good to read your work; I get to know more about you. Like when I was reading the Shiva post, I didn’t know you were an atheist; it’s all about knowledge; knowing each other’s side of the story or as you say perspective. You have a good day too. Cheers!


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