My Love

I’m in love with you;

that something hides in me

gives a smile from you.

I dreamt of us, last night,

being together in our world,

holding our hands together,

staring at your eyes,

still, to find you in my vibes,

apart from the dusking sky,

kissing you, so many times,

with an utmost passion, and I said,

I love you so much, My love!

PS: It’s not about why do I love you so much, though it is all about I love you so much, My love!

Photo Credits: Tumblr


8 thoughts on “My Love

  1. It is wonder that the thing I love
    Is the thing that you loathe; your
    Silence and mine, whenever we
    Get to meet with each other.

    I am afraid very that you will
    Start, once you hear it much,
    To despise my voice just as
    You despise me.

    -The Silence, Aadi

    I’m sorry, Rahul, for these words are the only ones that I got to respond to this poem of yours.
    Hence I wrote it down rather than the usual praises that I often give you for your poems. Know that this one really connected. 🙂

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