I Miss Her

She prolonged her wish

to go for a journey

across the itching-mountain

to get relived from the spinny,

odd means, she has… these days.

I never knew, but I regret

for what I said,

or still unsaid, that day.

I allowed her to stay away,

at least for a few days from me;

the time speak and behave

like a slayer in the mirror to me.

I can’t… I can’t carry this anymore;

I love her, and yes, I feel the annoyance

of being without her..

the void-space she left

for herself out there… 

Photo Credits: Google Images

20 thoughts on “I Miss Her

    • Forgiveness? I don’t believe in such kind of contrary subjects, Vishal. But the thing is, if you’re happy being together with her even in such trivial conditions, then why should we think too much regarding this with that “specific” word? Stay calm and believe in her, if she really deserves it, and await for your another bright day. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, Bro. I’m glad that you liked it. Have a good Sunday. God bless. 🙂

      – Rahul

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