Her Life

Her Life

When she loses the fear inside

Her heartbeat raises up

As if, a beautiful girl’s life

Has been attacked by an animal,

Not a human-being.

God! Where are you?

Is this the way I’ve to be

Like what others said.

My dad and mom says,

When they need my help

For a day’s meal or dinner.

Sometimes, even more,

That too for twice shots a day.

No! I can’t bear this anymore,

But still, when they….

20 thoughts on “Her Life

  1. Honestly, the condition of girls in our countryΒ is pathetic. Feel bad for every female I see. There’s no peace at any moment, at any place, with anyone. Hopeless!

    • But why, Chechi? That too in a nation like India having its own remarkable tradition and culture? It doesn’t makes when these paedophile count has been increasing day by day! But a change must happen for the same, though the question is how and when it’ll be?


    • It’s because I also have an elder one at home and hence I could see all of them as my little ‘sisters’ only! Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, Di.


    • Obviously! Being a citizen of the same nation, how could we cope with these kind of topics? Does it mean that the present condition isn’t gonna change at least in the near future? Personally, I don’t think so. Because I’m still a part of a new generation in the world we’re all currently living. If that’s the case with me, then…?? πŸ™‚


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