When everyone blamed him, he decided to kill himself through an indecent feather at the end. An attempt that could bring ‘some’ orderly endurance for a human being. A very simplest way to dictate against the independent realities of anyone’s life. Yes, he thought of committing suicide, the best solution to escape from what he was for them. But how? He began seeking information for the best way to execute this haughty action through various links. Many among them were substantial ones, though he seriously lacked the ‘innocence’ of doing it. Regardless of all these audible thoughts, there was an untiring hope inside his subconscious mind to abridge the life he deserved to a smaller part of a planet so called earth where he already did many unnoticed wonders before . Of course, this was the major reason behind their deep rooted offenses against him and his actions. 

While he had taken the knife from the table nearer by, there was a depressive fear inside him. “Is it sure that this would definitely work?”, he thought. Somehow that young man dissected his left arm alone using the glittering face of the well polished knife. Within a short span of time, a ‘brave’ soul commenced his final trip away from a sarcastic world, or else which was supposed to be a tentative one for him with many unleft question marks.

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