I’m not a KID!

‘What’s blogging?’

‘How many hours you have to spend in a day for the blogging related activities?’

‘What’s the benefit of being having a personal blog?’

‘Why can’t a regular day scholar be a part of the blogging family?’

These were very few questions inquired to me by my mom when I have started the activity of blogging. Even I also got confused when she asked me these queries at first. But later, I realized what actually did this blogging experience mean. Yes, my intentions behind this activity was so unclear until 6 or 7 months back; I have an experience as a blogger for 14 months though

For me, life is all about experiencing lively experiences. Whenever I feel so sad or happy about something, there must be a reason behind it. The reason behind its cause may be invisible or hidden to me in the initial states. But only a good reason and time can solve a tougher problem in its most vivid manner. This can be compared with the solving of a mathematical problem in which its understanding, accesment and steps for solving it does matter. Only if so, we could find out the right answer at the right time with a right reason through a number of ways for a specific question. Hence blogging as a term is a huge experience for me in my life itself. It serves at least a kind of +ve mutation for the frequency of my thoughts. I have been discovering a vast writing as well as reading pleasure personally through this platform and love for being a part of it so far. 

I'm not a KID!

‘I’m not a kid! This isn’t the right way of asking queries by a mom to his 20 years old son. Rahul Ashok has grown up enough and he is familiar and confident about what he have been doing now.’, my mom smiled and kissed me after hearing this response for the same above mentioned queries during her attack against my blogging tasks last time. 🙂 🙂


11 thoughts on “I’m not a KID!

    • Wow! This is such a huge appreciation came from a lovely soul like ya, Sheri. Let the time prove whether my intentions on blogging related tasks are right or wrong. Have a great weekend ahead, dear one. xoxo


  1. Haha! Go mum and go you for explaining. Blogging becomes a part of us, and is a way of expressing how we feel. I love that so many people come together and share their thoughts, ideas etc. keep writing, Rahul! Have a great weekend. Hugs to you.Paula xx

    • Hahahah! This sounds really cool, Paula. Indeed, we all are under an awesome spell of varied thoughts coming from different heads in a single family. Keep blogging, dear one. Have a great weekend to ya too. xoxo


  2. This is so true! Thats why i cant tolerate all these social networking sites, they are full of pretentious posts and useless shared information that nobody really cares about, but feel obliged to like and comment…

  3. I think blogging is wonderful, I love the interaction with people all over the world, hearing different ideas, seeing beautiful photography of places I may never visit. Love that social media pic you put up, so true!

  4. Hmm . All these comments 🙂 Blogging is most definately the right outlet for pertinent thought ,like a diary that everyone can read , whereas these other social media are..as ‘Chatty Owl’ said, pretentious. They have words with no meaning , that keep the soul stagnant. Blogging is an international river that flows with ever changing emotion .

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