Don’t touch me!

I said, please don’t touch me!

She resists my wish to touch her agile beauty;

Perhaps I’m not in a romantic mood now.

Does it mean anything else for not to touch her?

Nope! Why should I confound of my love?

I know her very well,

And we love and care each other for so long.

I could even sense every lil change in her,

But still?

Why can’t I touch my Aphrodite now?

Am I lacking this sensing skills about my love here?

I can’t ask her directly,

Since I’m scared about her downcast response.



I can’t never let her go through the same mood though.

She feels so shy at my look on her eyes;

Neither anyone else has the right to do so.

My love comes closer to me,

Cross our fingers together!

Look at the sky above our heads with a hope;

Hugs me tightly again and again!


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