Why can’t a girl and a boy be best friends forever?

Your answers can be any one among the given 3 options:

a) Why can't a gal and a boy be best friends forever?

Why can't a gal and a boy be best friends forever?c)
Why can't a gal and a boy be best friends forever?I wish, this is really an interesting topic to discuss about for all of us. Let me know about the reasons behind your preferred options too, Fellas!! Have a good day. God bless. Cheers.\m/ xoxo



42 thoughts on “Why can’t a girl and a boy be best friends forever?

  1. They can be friends forever. I was dating and funny enough I actually made 2 wonderful friends, not lovers but real good friends. So it is definitley possible to have a great friendship going and not be romantically involved.

  2. Hi Rahul! 🙂
    I think 2 people can be friends as long as you’re both on the same page. In my experience sometimes one wants more than the other. This is when it gets tricky!!
    Great fun post!! Hope your having a great day. Hugs Paula xxx

    • Hmm, yeah!! Sometimes this attraction depends on few other factors too, Erica. My bro personally had an experience of such sort where he lost his lover all because of the objections put forwarded by his gal’s parents against their relationship. 🙂
      PS: Don’t misjudge that their relationship wasn’t a true one!


    • I strongly believe in twin soul relationships between human beings in nature, Rosy! Does that makes any excuse between two besties who aren’t into a relationship yet? 🙂


  3. If they’re safely in a relationship (preferably marriage) with someone else, and there’s no attraction between them, then, yes, they can be friends. Otherwise I think people are fooling themselves.

    • If they aren’t in a relationship with someone else and there is still attraction between them, then what will be the case, Jessica? 🙂 😀
      Thank you so much for stopping by my lil blog and your feedback about the topic. Have a good day. God bless. Cheers.\m/ 🙂


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  4. I think it is possible, though most of my close male friends a.re gay. I do have one close, straight male friend, but he has a girlfriend now, so we don’t hang out as much. Is it still ok for us to go to the beach and out for drinks just the two of us? I’m not sure. But that is just my experience, in the amazing, vast spectrum of humanity I am sure there are many close male/female friendships.

  5. I had similar thoughts. A person may have no intention of intimacies but still feel so friendly with soul to soul companionship… Even if the guy happen to fall in love, its harder for a woman to comprehend it or fall in love in this situation. This has happened and talked about in TV.

  6. Falling for your bestie is no surprise, and if the other reciprocates it can be a great thing. If not, they can handle the emotions with maturity. Falling in love can never be a fault, that’s what I believe. 🙂
    But then a girl and a boy can be best of friends too. I have experienced both… I have 2 most amazing men in my life! 😉

    • Aha! Well experienced girl, uh? 😛 *NO COMMENTS*
      Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, Madhusmita. Have a great time there. God bless. 🙂 🙂


  7. i have seen consequences of the 3rd option….. confusing. but my
    #personalexpirience no they cant … in ny step of life they vl face ech odr eider as lover or stranger .. i bet u 😐

  8. Only IF…neither of them fancy the other. OR one of them does but is content never to be successful. AND if neither of them take up with a lover who either hogs the time previously devoted to the platonic friendship OR resents the platonic friendship as a threat. LOTS of conditions!

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