What’s wrong with me?

Life is the combination of obdurate incidents.

Few among them may be cunning ones,

And the rest must be strait laced outputs.

I’m not a good survivor of or against such creaky acts;

Mad enough to accept those portentous facts though.

If there is a reason for everything happens on this living planet,

Then why few among us has a fear of facing those painful realities?

Am I misjudging anyone here in the society?

Or underestimating few people there in my home itself?

My mom is a bipolar patient;

I know and accept it in the right sense like a newbie being!

Is it like a default program created by the brain cells;

Not as similar to the ones in a brave heart?

I’m confused!

But never feel so bad about who I’m;

Why I’m there;

What’s so special about me here?

Answers always hide behind your head!

Come on!! You can argue with them,

Catch them if you can,

And show me that lovely smile which can hold your victory.

8 thoughts on “What’s wrong with me?

  1. Oh Rahul… it sounds like you have had your share of challenge as well… no wonder you are a deep seeker and wise soul at such a young age. It is scary and hard to face darkness – and fear. I have faith in you ~ your heart is huge and your soul is pure – Smile and feel the Love – it’s always there! x RL

    • LOL! Actually, I’m not considering this as any challenge in my life and this young guy is fearless about darkness and faith too, Robyn. But the fact is that they are all a part of Rahul Ashok’s current life and he should love them as far as he can. If that’s the case, there are enough possibilities for a transformation similar to the ones which we really do love and care about in various occasions, but not in our collection now. There is still a term named FUTURE available for us, uh? Thank you so much for your feedback about it! Have a good day. God bless. Cheers. 🙂 🙂
      PS: I’m not a firm believer of the future, but still I have a kind of interest in it! lol


      • You my friend have exactly the right approach… Love all of Rahul!! I worry not …. you will thrive in all you do and live life to the fullest… Joy to you always ~ Future…hmmm? I must think about that one… it is interesting — but as I get older and have been with this medical ick for 20 years it’s a little tough – so I kind of stay int he moment as much as I possibly can. Blessings and Love and thank you for your heartfelt words today!!! x Robyn

  2. You are here because you have a purpose. 🙂
    Not knowing what that purpose is….adds to the mystery of life! 🙂
    Smiling is good and I’m sending you a hug…Paula xxx

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