My Love

My Love

I wish for a closer hug from her heart

Not just a disdainful one,

But an unforgettable glib forever.

I wish to keep her eyes closer to mine

Not just for fun,

But to show her my love forever.

I wish to kiss on her lips

Not just a romantic one,

But as a conspicuous moment forever.

I wish to remain under her illustrious shadow

Not for a melodramatic sequence,

But as an infatuated fare forever.

We wish to lead our life together

Not to show others that we are in relationship,

But to live and love each other in those eloquent days together.

17 thoughts on “My Love

  1. Beautiful!! Ahh you know i observed, all guys write poems, saying, “I loved her so much, i wish she loved me more..”
    And all the girls write poems, saying “I loved him so much, i wish he showed me more love..”
    I get a feeling that both genders experience same depth love feeling, but somehow hide it from each other..
    Touching poem here, my friend!

    • Yes, of course! Perhaps, they might not be knowing about its expression. Thank you so much for your valuable comment, Sofia. Have a good day ahead. God bless. 🙂


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