Reality: Part 2

PS: This is the continuation of a short story series and those who haven’t read the 1st part can check it out here. πŸ™‚

I continued walking through a battered rocky path, which I found out on my flightless way after committing that brutal crime. I sensed the melodious beautiful rhythms singing by a smashing snipe sitting on one of the branches of a cut out pine tree. Her cheery voice spreads all around the misty atmosphere and I stand over there silently hearing it for a while.

β€œSoumyaji! You are such an iridescent soul who could superlatively express every emotion and feelings in our lives with your heartfelt and impalpable creations”

I heard this from a zestful listener, a young, cheerful, elegant and lovely gal, right in front of her, who was actually sitting behind the other branch of pine tree and hidden for me because of the extra large width of wood though.

β€œHahaha! It’s my pleasure to have a keen listener like you here and spend your valuable time in hearing me, Naima.”

β€œOf course! It’s all about the substantive connection between an insurgent singer and a tasteful listener, Naima.”, a 3rd female voice from the back.

Wow! It’s a β€˜winged’ squirrel. πŸ˜€

β€œAlright, Matrone! I wish you are also enjoying every bit of her amateurish thoughts.”, Naima said to that comical structured fellow.

Β β€œWe are too much blessed and lucky to have a pied fount like you in our small world, Soumya.”, another female sweet voice of 22-25 years old who has almost of similar attitude ofΒ NaimaΒ and sitting next to her.

β€œYou people made my day so special, Jensy!”, she replied back to that young gal from whom she has got the explicit compliment.

The contrast which I saw in this wonderful dream land is,

β€œThere is a connection existing between every living thing over here and they can communicate each other with the common well advised language which we people used to prefer in the real world.”

β€œAm I in a fairy tale similar to β€˜Alice in Wonderland’ or β€˜Hobbit’?”, I spoke to myself after hearing all this. A most harsh fact that struck my mind was β€˜I’m fully nude, but all these people were very well dressed’. If this wasn’t the condition, I could even ask them at least where I’m or what’s going on here. Hence I try to understand my peculiar condition and disgust for not finding any men like me and waited there for them to leave away from that very implicit spot.

Suddenly, the alliteration of a sound similar to the boot steps of a sturdy looking horse reflected on my ears! All these girls flew away when this highfalutin image echoed on them. I kept my ears close to a broken wood besides and found that the cracking sound is following me. Yes! It has been coming closer to me… Much closer… Too close to the woods…….

*to be continued….!

16 thoughts on “Reality: Part 2

    • Haha! Yeah yeah. I’m seeking for someone who could bring me at least a short piece of towel, Madam. More characters are coming by the way! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›


    • I’m bit dare to do so! Even a single movement from me might make some noise and these people will catch me. Hence I must have to wait anyway! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚


  1. πŸ™‚ Haha! Rahul! I had really missed reading all this and the fun its creating! Surprisingly Iam here in such a spot ! πŸ™‚ love your innovative creations!

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