Official release of ‘Obtrusive Hopes’!

Hey folks! As a result of the 2 months continuous effort I had put into giving an indicative life to our short movie, the Film Fest results finally got published on 19th Feb 2013. Thank God! “Obtrusive Hopes” has been selected in the top 50 list out of 400+ entries received in this National level competition conducted by Malayala Manorama Yuva. Well, as a beginner I’m fully satisfied with it. Now its time for me to share my little movie with you all! I have been getting queries from a few of my friends from this space about its official worldwide release. Here is it!
Obtrusive Hopes


1) Don’t praise me simply with the nebulous +ve comments only because of the reason that I own a good contact with you via this network. Hence please do leave me your sincere feedback about the movie after watching it; regardless whether it is good or bad, I wanna hear you. 🙂
 2) If you liked our little work, please do share it through various social media buttons, so that my intention behind its making would work out so easily and become a success.
4) Contact me personally here or mail me at for any specific queries about the movie. I will be glad enough to get in touch with ya. 🙂

Now it’s time for you to watch our movie! Don’t forget to follow the above special notes I had put. Relax and enjoy my little movie. Have a good day ahead. God bless. Cheers!\m/ 🙂

39 thoughts on “Official release of ‘Obtrusive Hopes’!

  1. My eyes teared up and I had one hand on my neck while the injured young man was on the ground. The acting was wonderfully dramatic, but not so dramatic that it was unbelievable. For 5.41 minutes, I was captivated. The MLK quote at the end was a wonderful conclusion. I pray God will bless your efforts : )

  2. français



    Very good short film captivating. At first, when the young man rises, it is not very natural. A reworked a bit I think. For the rest everything is correct. Rahul very good job. I put shared on facebook 🙂

  3. The message is so powerful but I didn’t get one story from the next, I thought they were part of one until the end and didn’t understand while watching. I also felt the actors could be more enthusiastic. Waking up, excited to see Anna, the guy who stole cash, the boy who (not sure) but lost his father…was waiting for more emotion. I love the idea and the stories brought your point through. Well Done!

  4. Wow, what a great story. I really enjoyed it. I would love to promote it on my blog. If interested, let me know. It would be great if you could write up a brief summary as to what inspired you to make the video and its deep meaning. 🙂

  5. I left a comment on YouTube. One suggestion when the guy robs you you didn’t have to have him say no one is here. Him looking around and robbing him said enough. The subtitles were sometimes too fast. I wanted to see the acting but also wanted to know what was going on. You did really good and coming in at 50 out of 400 is something to be real proud of. I can’t wait to see your name on the credits at end of movies I will see in later years.

  6. This was amazing. I cringed at how sad humanity can be when someone is down and wounded. I felt the loss if both the boy and girl when I knew he would not make it to his her not see her again, and I cried when he sold the necklace but the call came from his mother to speak of his fathers passing. A beautiful story that I was immediately caught up in.

  7. Well done on making 50 out of 400 possibles! A captivating short film – the acting in the first scene felt a little unnatural, as though the actor was aware we were watching him. As mentioned above, some of the longer subtitles were too quick, but congratulations on an achievement you can be proud of.

  8. Hey Rahul. I echo some of the above comments – I thought the acting could be more natural… It felt a little laboured at times. And the ending confused me a little until I watched it again and understood. But I love the quote you ended with, and I thought it had a great message. Well shot, sound quality also very good. Great first time effort! You should be proud 🙂

  9. I agree with some comments here about the acting, would be better to re-take it and make it more natural, however, the entire film is a revelation of the other side of humanity which is not cool. Good job here and I wish you continue to make mind-boggling films 🙂 Goodluck my dear! 🙂

  10. Rahul, since you have asked for honest feedback that is what i’ll give to you.

    The acting during the waking up scene was a bit unnatural. The guy who steals looks more like a robber than a person who is in a desperate situation. Lastly,it takes some thinking to piece everything together.

    Coming to the good part, the concept is really good, the message that it gives to the viewers appreciable and as someone has already mentioned has all the requisite elements to get the viewers glued.

    Great job

  11. Superb short film – very apt. The humanness in being a human is a significant address to humanity, dear Rahul – and you have brought some impressions and expressions in a very subtle and meaningful manner to platform. I wish you to explore furthermore in making a longer film – as you surely have the passion and intensity needed to make films! A very brilliant start and I look forward to viewing more in the future.
    Brava Rahul da !! Hugs.

  12. Though I have a strong background in film criticism and writing, it is very much based on American tradition. Because there are many things I do not know about your culture, way of life, language and tradition of story telling, I feel any criticism I can offer will be very limited. I guess my biggest criticism would be that I don’t feel a strong sense of connected storyline. I agree with an earlier person’s comment about the man waking in the opening seeming a bit unnatural and forced. I think also zooming in on the item the man takes after the accident and spending a bit more time with that visual will help the viewer realize that item is going to be important later. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me that the two tragedies [the accident and the dad in the hospital] were connected. The English captions also come across as a bit awkward in places, but the basic meaning of the translation isn’t lost. This film has the potential to be very powerful.

  13. a very nice and rethinking message was given through this short film. but i think that the actors should be more enthusiastic and show more emotions like in case of a man who lost his father.but totally it was a nice short film. and good luck for your future,hope you will do more such films.

  14. An effort you have every right to be proud of. Being in the top 50 of 400 is no small feat. Having said that, and as you asked for honest feedback…

    I felt I had seen this storyline before, though it took me a moment to figure out why. I don’t know how familiar you are with American television, but there was a series of commercials with an action/reaction, everything is interconnected theme. Not exactly the same but close enough I half expected to see a product placement at the end.

    I also agree with the comments about the sub titles being a little too fast. I had to watch it twice, once to get a feel for what was happening and another to read the dialogue. Another issue for me was the soundtrack which came across as somewhat choppy and inconsistant. When the main character is getting ready to get on the motorcycle, having to music break for the ringtone made sense, but then the music changed which broke to continuity of the scene.

    All in all, a solid first effort.

    I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

  15. In the beginning, the English captions didn’t stay on the screen long enough and I’m a fast reader. I also agree about the acting, but I don’t want to be critical since the people are more than not professional actors. I also felt the pain of the young man on the road and this came across as realistic. Good Luck! I enjoyed this and can appreciate the work that went into it.

  16. Wow! Rahul, Congrats da! Superb execution and it really a- A class production! Keep going buddy 🙂 Next one, I may ask for your autograph sir! Take care, good wishes and luck!

  17. Oh, sad story, but not predictable at all. Interesting to see the hit-and-run callous behavior of the one man, the theft and the reason for it. Well done. The only thig I would change, really, is how loud the soundtrack is initially. Otherwise, really good effort.

  18. A great piece – Congratulations!
    My only critics are: Subtitles are too fast & as Kim mentioned – no need for the man taking from the injured motorcyclist to say a word. His actions tell all.

  19. Good attempt Rahul. The narrative in the film confused me. I was unsure who was who. I was unsure who the person was at the end or why he was trying to get money. The purpose of the film was confusing to me, I was unsure what message was being conveyed to me at the end. The film was dramatic but the music I found annoying.

  20. congrats Rahul that it has been selected in the top 50 list. In the beginning, For a first timer its a great achievement. You were able to give message nice and clear. ‘ Kira’ and ‘ layaabraham’ has given good advice. Good luck and good wishes for your future.

    A nice film… Downloaded it to my Drive…
    What I felt uncomfortable was the accident scene (I think this has been mentioned), the guy who was trying to steal the cash didnt have to say that dialogue, he could’ve just conveyed it with the help of expressions… But, I have to say that I am not a good judge, and moreover, I don’t have the right to judge as I’ve not made any effort in making a movie itself. So, that’s all that I have to say.

    Eda, pinnae, enne adutha projectilekku edukkanam…as an asst. director or anything else… 😉 …even as an actor… 😉

  22. Nice work ….. the film is dramatic but it’s good if the stories continue with what happen to Anna. But over all is nice work – great work and i will share on my twitter. Congratulation 😀

  23. That language is so beautiful to the ear! If only I didn’t need to read the subtitles.
    Anyway, I liked the editing. The accident came really brutally though, without any sound crash which could have been a plus, but this also in a way had more impact and made the scene even more shocking.
    The acting was well done and in the end I felt really angry and sad, thus your message did carry on! Congrats for this little movie!

  24. Hi Rahul! I just watched the short movie….I really liked it. Great effort…this is something very common in our society. Hit and run case and the self-centered person who doesn’t care about the dying man rather he took it as an opportunity to steal for his own motive. In the end he gained nothing but repentance.

    As you asked for Genuine opinion here I am trying to give you my say:

    I don’t exactly understand what is the actual motive behind this movie. What is the real message you tried to convey. It’s not very clear to me….In the end the quotation itself clarify the purpose of the movie and interlink between the scenes. But in my opinion there are flaws in movie to do the justice to quotation. Moreover everyone perceive this movie differently. As for acting is concerned I liked it and actors are very natural.

    Wish you all the success for all your future endeavors
    All the best.

  25. I just saw the movie now and let me say that I like it and I like the moral lesson behind it, though a little bit sad, but in general a great job. Keep it up 😊👏

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