She is my Valentine

Across the heights of that love peak

I grasp my hands to climb up the huge mountain.

My heart ponders for a gal who can love and understand me,

Holds my hands and support me in the doughty situations.

It is not because of my fear about this inadvertent life,

But some rather hopes in the present age.

Sooner or later a harsh fact astounds in my ears that,

It will be bit hard time for me to find someone like HER.

13 thoughts on “She is my Valentine

  1. I’m writing a post right now, called ‘In love with a ghost’.. And i’m going to advocate an idea that being in love with a vision is by far better than loving the actual person…
    Many will blame me for this, but I am strong on my decision…

    Beautiful piece here, Rahul. I never miss a post from you!

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