Scary Night

Scary Night
What you have read in the above image is the world’s shortest story ever! The idea behind this story strikes my thoughts really, it’s a too short and simple one though. This provoked me to share a scary dream which I have seen recently in my afternoon nap schedule with you all. Hope you all will enjoy reading it! Have a good Sunday ahead. God bless. Cheers.\m/ 🙂

“I was walking lonely through the unknown pavement in that wavy midnight! It was a fully allocated area with a smoky atmosphere ahead of my eye sight. When I heard the clinking sound of bells behind me, my heart-beat suddenly rises and decides to increase my speed of walking. I lost my balance and falls into the depth of a TRENCH. Yes! It happened? My LIFE ends here!”


10 thoughts on “Scary Night

      • i love to trace dreams back to a recent conversation, something i read…a worry perhaps. often i find this mixture of different things in my life that my sleeping mind has woven into images and a story. it’s good when you have a friend who likes to follow the bread crumbs with you! i hope you are getting good sleep and having pleasant dreams now hon. xo –kris

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