Corrective Notions

When the past virtual events hold through my mind, I couldn’t resist myself from breaking into an extensive path of some bitter experiences in life. Within this 19 years of my life journey with my parents, I had strangely faced a number of coincidental lackluster which hurts my heart to an extreme level of challenges that a teenager could face. May be you would have played farce roles in your life as well! I firmly believe in this nature’s rule that,

“Behind every challenge you would face in life, there always exists a new lesson to acquire for a better future”

This can be considered as a mental melodrama we could play in our own life. But the contrast we may feel about this ‘’Happy-Go-Lucky Rule”* while putting into practice is, “Will this WORK OR NOT?” Actually the contrast which I mentioned above is still hidden under this query and it can be revealed only after specifying the answer though! You just guess what will be the answer if I chuck this query in front of you? If my prediction goes right in this aspect, most of you will approach me with a BIG NO! If it’s a NO, what’s the reason behind it? Is it cause of your fear of doing a challenging activity? Why can’t you face life with this kind of garbled remorse?

When I was a kid, my mom used to teach me the childhood lessons without following any cryptic way. It was all because of her determination and faith in her son, Rahul Ashok is still alive and being in contact with you all. Isn’t it? As a kid, I must do naughty stuffs and pranks of doughty fetters when I was with her. If a mom would bear such challenges from his son, why couldn’t we curtail and take action against some lively challenges in life? It doesn’t mean that you must have to sit/stand simply while feeding a hooked challenge which you’re supposed to face. But you shouldn’t be blind or dumb in facing a challenge.In which all areas we are facing oppositions of frailty of implacable rattling? Family, relationships, work, personal, financial, health and what not. We’re surrounded by problems in all those above mentioned streams, huh? Most of us haven’t done anything bad, try and lead a good life, yet we’re the ones who’ve maximum problems? Why? Ever thought why do we have unending problems in life? I had heard once from mom that, “Problems are the ‘ after effects ‘ of the bad deeds which we have done in our past lives as well as in this life…. Every organism on earth has to go through this…no one can escape this fact! God isn’t trying to get any benefit from any one. But for the transfer of benefits to us, he must have to test us ya know? If you do good deeds in this life you will reap the benefits in this as well as in the next life. There is no permanent solution to problems but we can reduce their effects to a great extent with the help of prayer and positive attitude in life.” Well, I can’t agree with her totally as her concepts do belonging to astrology and divinity related matters. As you all know I’m not a strong believer of God and regular temple or church visitor. For me, God is someone who controls the whole world for its better sustenance, peace, equality and all between the living things and non living things.

We’re living in a century where brutal acts against women and child, terrorism, war fights, poverty.. etc… etc… are recurring as a part of indecent formations of human beings. If God is there to save us from this trenchant burns, why do we still live in a community of that sort? I think that’s why we do usually call our journey in this revolving planet as LIFE. When things are good, LIFE is good. When things are bad, we just want to bang our heads somewhere. We humans tend to make mistakes in the choices and actions that we take or choose in this lively journey. Problems have been building resistance in overcoming difficulties in life. We must have to overcome them with will power, confidence and learn new chapters from it. It’s just like when we were KIDS, tried to walk but fell down countless times. Look at yourself now! A PROBLEM is only a CHALLENGE if we viewed negatively. Yes, some things are horrible, we wouldn’t wish them to face in life, but if we learn from these problems and find solutions, then we can rejoice as a trend-setter while facing problems at its worst level, not a human being who is going to succumb. The ability to solve problems or learn from them is what has kept humanity even now. Go ahead and face the problems with much courage. Feel the difference and enjoy every moment in life. 


21 thoughts on “Corrective Notions

  1. Strong writing, Rahul, I related insanely as if I was reading my own thoughts.

    Your mother was right on everything she said – here I totally share the idea of Karma she implied!
    Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, but if we face difficulties and problems in our lives – that’s cause we are paying for something we did in previous incarnations…

    It’s good to realize it, because that’s how we start to correct our actions and treatment of others in this life already, to move on further and bring some luckier karma into the next incarnation.

    And in fact, if we give it some insight – those present problems and difficulties are not at all punishments – as you said it right, they are challenges and each of them brings a lesson to learn and gives you an opportunity to get smart and grow your spirit and awareness!

    I always say, the more the nature and divinities that stand behind you put hopes on you – the more challenges they are likely to put on your way.

    Having understood it, I accept my challenges gratefully now. And just as I started welcoming the hardships – they stopped 😀

    Peace and joy to you and all your followers!

    • Yes, I know it! But people in our current century aren’t well aware about this natural truth I think. They don’t even have the guts to face at least a simple reaction which would a part of this challenging activity. That’s why the whole world is uncontrollable with a number of human beings who aren’t able to resist actions against causative agents and diseases. The mentality in approaching such challenges will definitely serve the path for success in the future. May be someone wouldn’t be blessed with study skill, but he may own some other extra co-carriccular activities. Studies ain’t nothing for him doesn’t mean that he is an offal being in our world. As I had mentioned about this in your blog, our history does shows proves about all these. Thank you so much for the wise explanations regarding the topic, dear one. God bless ya. Have a good time ahead. Cheers.\m/ 🙂


      • It’s very good that you are so actively concerned with the topics of spirituality and a need for self-development, Rahul!
        Keep up and you will create a happy pleasant realm of your life for the rest of your life:) which is long, interesting and fun years ahead!
        It’s wonderful how you combine your youth and that ‘ancient-wise’ insight and understanding of yours! Bravo!

      • Awww…! Rahul Ashok had *BLUSHED* enough after hearing such a great description about him by an Ukranian gal, Sofia. 😉 😀 Thank you so much for your humble commenting activity. Cheers.\m/ 🙂


  2. My mom also always taught me that life is not easy and is about the challenge. And you know what, I understood now that by telling us so, our parents actually are doing us a favor!
    If mine only told me that life was easy and fun, I’d have never developed intellectually and spiritually as I did by now 🙂

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