Cause of Malala?

There is no need of any description about the topic I’m going to share on this space as it’s all about the currently existing socially relevant corrugated issue and a young Pakistani teen. I wish you got me well within the stateliness of these shortened words. Yeah…! It’s all about Malala Yousafzai!

I came to know about her through the weekend special supplement of a local newspaper over here on last Sunday. But the contents were too short in that report and I browsed about this updated relevant topic via cyber media. What I saw through YouTube and various web links made my heart to seek for a query: “Why there always exits terrorism and war fight against the basic needs of human beings in our world? What does these gawky roles serving you, *SENSLESS* Crime Motivators?” From my acquired knowledge within this age, these communities aren’t actually working for others needs and deeds, but they are exactly SPEARING their-own personal concerns and interests for OTHERS. I’m living in a nation where the above mentioned groups are still arising day by day as a cause of their background and life style they own. Earning some money in hand and live like a Millionaire would be your dream (if you’re belonging to an average family)? Not only yours! I WOULD also come under that tag. My parents have the angst limited trust and faith on their son and I must have to do in such a way that a convenient cum nice FUTURE will make their dreams POSSIBLE. Now the query is, why can’t I become a REBEL or at least a local THIEF for conquering all the above mentioned schematic visuals of dreams? May be I have to bear my name as a College guy to some colloquial uncultured words like “Kallan(Thief) Rahul”. Is that the only defamatory I may have to face?

The Universe where I’m living now has own an equilibrium with each ‘THING’ (Living or Non-Living) existing on herself. If you have the will power and the DREAM to acquire is such a deeply extended one, the planet in which you’re living now will surely make it POSSIBLE!

“Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE on this planet you’re living now”

You just take the case of our whole Universe> Planets including Earth inside it> Each and every THING inside our planet> WE human beings> Male-Female gender> Physical structures> Internal Organs> Cells> Molecules> Atoms> ENERGY!

Yeah, it’s this ENERGY which is known as “BASIC UNIT OF LIFE” responsible for all kind interactions between us. That means, “I’m mutually connected to UNIVERSE with the ENERGY existing inside me and vice versa! It can act as binding agent in between I and the WHOLE UNIVERSE”.

Summarising this, “I can attract the same Universe like a Magnet and ask whatever I wish to meet in my life” Hope you find it as an interesting LOGIC! What I have tried to convey with this is, if I know how to make my SUCCESFUL dreams in life via the above rule, why I can’t I go ahead with the DIRECT PATH rather than these crooked misleading ways of haunted SUCCESSES, where SECURITY and DESTINY definitely matters as I’m being a part of social era of life? If a teenage gal of 15 years can do this much for her nation’s better growth and peace, why couldn’t WE, the present generation can at least think about a WORLD free from terrorism and crimes? When you have a thought in your mind like this, you’re actually attracting the Universe for its sacred POSITIVE feedback from him.

Malala is one among those young personalities, who has uncountable thoughts and dreams about her life. We’re luckily enough to have a gal like her on this century. My heartily wishes and prayers for your recovery from the Taliban attack and we need you back into the stream, Courageous Gal. \Salutes/\Respects/ Support and nominate her for the Nobel Peace Prize, if this post makes any sense on you! Here is the link:

UK Party Leaders and Foreign Secretary: Nominate #Malala for the Nobel Peace Prize #Nobel4Malala

If you wish to know further about Malala Yousafzai, click here.



13 thoughts on “Cause of Malala?

  1. Malala is a true inspiration! I talked about her in my preaching at work yesterday in the church where I work, as someone for all of us to look up to, as someone to emulate, and inspire us to find something to be so passionate about that we would be willing to risk it all.

    • Wow! That sounds really great, Liz. We’re in need of people like Malala in the present astonishing world of crime and terrorism. Thank you so much for your humble comment on my little space. Have a good day ahead. Cheers. 🙂


    • Hahahahaha! I know, YOU knows that well. Proud to be a part of this community, who knows the curious *SECRET* existing on our lively space. Thanks a lot for your comment, dear. Cheers and Diwali wishes from your Indian pal! ❤ 🙂


  2. Rahul, Thank you so much for sharing Malala’s story. I am saddened she has had to go through this, but in my heart I feel it was her purpose or, dare I say, destiny. She exemplifies the commitment, courage and perseverance it will take for good to overtake fear. I can see she is already inspiring so many to stand up for goodness. For that heartfelt goodness that is intuitive and instinctive. The goodness that just feels right, deep inside your heart. Not to be misconstrued with what is considered “right” by an interpretation of a written word. No, the goodness of the heart, the soul, the spirit. Humans have been individualized for a reason, to fuel fear, and now I can feel the individuals are starting to connect as a overwhelming oneness to reclaim the world we live in. With Much Gratitude and Respect, Dana

    • Wow! Well profound thoughts, Dana. First of all, thank you so much for spending your valuable time on my little space. I’m highly exquisite to read your exuberant prominent thoughts about the issue which I had mentioned above. As ya stated, WE’re the ONLY beings who can control this well elongated areas for our own needs, satiny’s and ways of living on this planet of INDISTINCT sources. The decision and thoughts for choosing these sources should come from each and every individuals among us for a better world of peace and love. Anyway, let’s hope for a CHANGE of this sort within a short while so that we could live in such a way that the near future beings must seek us this coherent query, “What actually does this CRIME means?” 😀 🙂
      PS: My special *SALUTES* and *RESPECTS* for your luminous thoughts, wise lady! Will definitely catch you on your space too, Dana. Keep in touch. Have a great time ahead. God bless. Cheers.\m/ 🙂


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