Genial Ramble

I wish to fly like a bird,

So that no one could control me.

It does not matter, where I go,

Or where am I right now.

Freedom is a histrionic path,

Where the way I’m going to fly is an exuberant ledge.

I may have to travel along with the boisterous schedules,

Face the unfamiliar challenges of slicks,

Meet strange events of manifold characters,

Mix up with the ever rending climatic conditions.

But the only HOPE in front of me is the  glittering TARGET,

Which I have to achieve through this journey,

And the blessings of almighty for a safer perambulation.



27 thoughts on “Genial Ramble

    • Hmm! Yeah, let’s see whether the TIME will proves it or not. Thank you so much for your humble comment, Alarna. I’m so much happy to see ya back, wise Aussie lady. Have a great time ahead. God bless. 🙂


    • Awww….! A warm welcome to my lil world, Liz. I’m so much glad to have your comments over this small space. 🙂
      For me, dreaming would SOMETIMES serves us some +ve attitude and mental make up for a better path all through the life (Provided that we should have an ability to catch it on this real world of wonders). Thank you so much for your verdict, Liz. Have a good day ahead. Cheers.\m/ 🙂


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