It was an inscrutable flaky place for me,

Where someone HATES me for an UNCONDITIONAL reason,

Which hits my mind along  with the vagary oriented thoughts.

I don’t care about her,

Since she is a new fellow being in our old gang.

But what made me to think along the TWISTED CORNERS of my heart is,

All about my olden and closest ones,

Who had questioned me without knowing the real fact behind this issue.

Is this what we call FRIENDSHIP of REAL or FAKE quality?

The whole night of mine was scuffed by her rubbish visuals,

Where I had a discomfort in having a nap.

What I actually needs to tell her is,




13 thoughts on “Discrepancy

  1. This is extremely well-written….and quite hitting!
    I wonder who she is……there is no reason to hate someone for an unconditional reason. So ask her!

  2. Relationships( or at least some of them) are like Bermuda Triangle – they are there yet so difficult to understand. In Hindi we say :

    “Teri meri bane na
    Tere bina sare na”

    I don’t like you,
    yet I miss you !

    Love is a very strong bond,
    Still hate is a stronger bond

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