Dynamic Views Series: No.042!

Mathematical Eminence:

My scientific calculator heads over the table with his prominence in mathematical operations!



6 thoughts on “Dynamic Views Series: No.042!

    • Haha! We all are under the control of this technological skills rather than our-own manual skills, even though the discovery behind all these stuffs were put forward by our-selves itself. Try some memory recovering skills, Alarna. It would definitely help you in a short and simple way. 🙂


  1. I missed my scientific calculator! I graduated from a special science high school nd we had advanced Science and Math subjects. I remember feeling an impending doom is coming whenever I forgot to bring my sci-cal to school.

    However, I was used to mental math. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I feel like I still need to exercise my brains so I downloaded a Mental Math Workout for my smartphone. 🙂

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