Inalienable Feeling

She elapsed through my heart with the frivolous idiosyncratic words,

That passed through my insights as the words of unkindness.

With all those memorable days of closeness we shared,

I can’t still believe that she hates me.

It was a matter of fact that,

I was everything for her.

The way in which I loved her was an incomparable rivet,

Where I loved and cared her so much.

The relationship we owned stares at me,

As an undetected expletive tags of break-up.

But the TRUST and FAITH I have on her,

Still serves me some envisages and hope for her come-back to my life.

Note: First of all, my apologies for delay in updating the photography series that I have started and inactive in our blogging family during all these days. It was some network and outdated windows issues related with my lap,  expelled me away from this awesome world of writing. Hope you all would comprehend and encourage me in the same way as you all did before. It’s being after a long while for me in this world and I wish to have a great come-back on this exotic sphere. Hence I would take enough time in reading the posts I missed from my fellow beings over here, rather than updating my-own individual posts for a short while. But I’ll try my level best to update my shares as much I can for sure. Anyway, thanks a lot for all your support and care which can be understandable via the stats bar and through few of the mails I had got these days.


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