Susceptible Enticement

Loving someone isn’t at all a great deal,

But proposing someone must be a short deal.

I’m not sure whether someone could fall in love with me,

Or I can fall in love with someone.

There should be some guts or an opportunity in approaching the TARGET,

Which can be comparable with a hunter chases his prey. 

Even if there is guts for asking that query,

The response from the other side would be a positive query;

Which could be natural incrustation for everyone.

If it’s a negative response, they would fall under the gawky thoughts;

Where no one except she will be there.

This is how a relationship or ramification begins in between human-beings,

Which doesn’t have a sustainable validity in the enticement.



7 thoughts on “Susceptible Enticement

    • Hahahaha! This is just a piece of share from a teenage guy, gal. I guess, he would definitely express his views in addition to this one at least in the near future, if any TWISTS may come at his 20+ age. LOL. 😀 🙂


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