Infuriating Crook

I was pushed out from that room of fiends;

And hits brutally on a window frame.

The moment which lacks the action of luckiness;

Makes enough dislocates on my face.

Glory of blood oozes out from the body;

Makes sunders in my heart at that instant.

Oh my God! Why I’m under this fearful man-eaters;

Who needs to persecute me for a gawky reason.

I starts begging like a fellow in-front of a Court of Justice,

Where injustice is staring at me.

Suddenly someone hits at my ass;

Shouts at me with the words of fire for getting up late as usual.

It was my Mom with a cudgel in hand,

Who can be comparable with one of those injustice guy in my dream.

There must be a court of justice;

Where everyone have the right to sleep as far as they like;

And hence they can enjoy the saucy world of wonders;

Which is far beyond from our real world.



21 thoughts on “Infuriating Crook

  1. I get inspiration from dreams but thank goodness they are not scary ones. I am with you on wanting to sleep as long as you like. Love the creative picture!

    • Haha! I’m glad to hear that you love watching scary dreams like me. LOL. 😀 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your words of encouragement as usual and my heartily friendship day wishes too, Kim. 🙂


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