Scabby Envisages!

Memories always serves me some ecstatic paths of  handy life gaits.

Whether it’s a memorable or abrasive one,

Definitely it will be a part of mine on this mere living life.

I wonder how could a man rely under his super abundant days,

With all kinds of live-able wings of experiences and shares on this revolving planet.

It begins from the day of birth,

Where a number of events wouldn’t be memorable enough to relocate.

But later the valid twists will occur from the day,

When they gets matured by the beginning of adolescent.

Then they will starts realizing the fact,

That they falls down under a rotund world of vacuous thoughts.

This whimsy epic makes an angular track,

That the world they are living is an IRRATIONAL one,

Which isn’t a tangible bequests of inclement beings.



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