Winsome Foliages!

She has crossed 30 days of notable days in a solid space,

With 20 blooms of fervid ideas and thoughts.

It was during this antiquity in slacks under unanimous wish,

That keeps these lovely blooms stitches to walk over one World.

This is not just funny or vagary creation from a boy,

Who needs to be in touch with them all.

But it was an explicit ingress to an innovative stature of wonders.

The verdicts and shares from my vicinity blazes always adorns this arising beauty.

Within this short span of time,

She has filled her body with AMBIGUOUS strings,

Which was put forward by her blooms of sweetness along stupendous creations.

More than having a look on my nearby blooms,

It was all because of this whole world,

Who serves me a number of pals with versed inimitable attitude and personality.

Specially dedicating this post to ‘Ambiguous Words'( members! :). I’m so much glad enough to say that, our little greenish cute is growing in a healthy and quixotic way. Thanks a lot for your supports, concerns, affections and cares for our lovely beauty! Cheers to you all.\m/ πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Winsome Foliages!

      • Awww… I am “BLUSHING” like a ROSE. πŸ˜€
        Thank you so much Rahul, your ideas are just too awesome and innovative!
        Love you for starting it πŸ™‚

      • Haha! Yours too.\m/ πŸ˜€
        You BLUSHED me a lot like a frantic fellow through “LAYMAN AS A PHILOSOPHER” by today afternoon!
        Thank you so much for such a great piece buddy. Cheers gal.\m/ πŸ™‚

      • I thought I was a crazy writing that. When a friend of mine read that, he was like get over your psyche Naima and get a life! We laughed together and he was like I wish I could be a philosopher. I said the wish itself makes you a philosopher and we laughed like crazies. Until that time I hadn’t posted it over here. I am glad you enjoyed and blushed! I had a fun with this post too.
        Cheers to you too,

    • Haha! Yeah yeah. The word itself represents each and every bloom under our family. Thanks for being such a great bloom in “Ambiguous Words”. Cheers to you, Nancy.\m/ πŸ™‚

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