Survival of a Glint!

When I used to log in to my World,

It was always filled with updates for my recent posts;

Via immaculate likes and comments by a versatile gal.

She is wise as well as mature enough at her teens itself,

Who always made my thoughts and views to scintillating heights,

Where her illuminating land welcomes me in a shiny intellectual manner.

Later I realized that she isn’t just a bloom in my cyber world,

But a great buddy of mine, with whom I didn’t see or talked really though.

 A misery which attacked her world wipes out everyone from our gal.

She was disheartened deeply all because of an unkind cyber attack,

That latter ruins her existence in our writing world drastically.

Except posting something on her world,

She missed the habit of reading after this crooked swipe.

This provoked our gal to be away from WordPress world itself.

But later she realized the support and care for her in this world,

Which urged this firebrand for the creation of an innovative cinder.

Specially dedicating this small post to Naima ( Thanks a lot for the come back. A warm welcome to you buddy. 🙂 🙂



10 thoughts on “Survival of a Glint!

  1. Ouch!! It hurts to receive this much love and it hurts because you fear to lose it! I love you all and thank you for MAKING MY DAY! I am smiling too much!
    Loads and Loads of Love ,

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