Conspicuous Brink!

Can I succeed in my life?

I don’t know anything in particular,

Why this  hypodermic query is aiming at me!

Is it a frustrating question to this teen,

who don’t have enough cognizance about his future.

It’s kicking his head anyway.

Did he have that much keen maturity at this age,

Who thinks about the empty lodge coming by the way.

Or else, whether he escapades away from this unlovely depletion on the way.

But he always have faith and belief on his almighty’s showers,

Who can serves him what ever he needs at anytime.

Success is waiting for him; he starts following this obstreperous culvert.



11 thoughts on “Conspicuous Brink!

  1. thats the phase all college and school students go through..the suspense is huge and a pleasent surprise is definetely there for us to unfold! 🙂
    besties to all of us 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Russel!
      Have went through your world, which welcomes with a wide variety of beautiful snaps and pretty cool descriptions. I’ll be following you for sure. Keep in touch bro. Cheers.\m/ 😀 🙂

  2. So true.. I can’t agree more with you. As said by Soumyav above, every teenager’s thought.. Every teenager’s dream.. 🙂

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