Perennial Foothold!

Through all the changes in my life,

Your love has remained constant as well as memorable one forever.

Though at times you may have questioned,

You may worried, never stop loving me.

It’s one and only you,

Who loved me the first and loves me in the best.

How can I forget you,

When you are always there in my heart.

With all those years,

We spent together in our world,

Always serves me moments with happiness, joys and sorrows.

I’m confused to have a discussion on,

Whether anyone on this mere world,

Who have trust and faith towards each other like us.

Even at this days of relics,

Our  imperishable hearts are seeking for an untamed common end.



18 thoughts on “Perennial Foothold!

  1. absolutely beautiful poem. And a special thanks to you for liking my photo post on my India Journal Blog. :-). will be exploring here further as well. 🙂
    with love light and JOY

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