I beg you, Dad! :( :(

  • “What does all this blogging works serving you boy?? Simply sparing time  for this sort of slavers isn’t at all a fair job! Dreaming and focusing behind the World will not pays you anything. That’s what I learnt from my experiences in life! Late night jobs will surely make your brain worst. Be always punctual in doing anything. Don’t stray away from your usual habits”.

    Is dreaming about something, a FAULT??

    This is what my dad said to me on last day morning for keeping up the creative posts I own. Seems he scolded me warmly and roughly after a long while. I was just shocked to face that instant, where dad going on drowning his anger on me. Since I was just awaked from sleeping scuff, didn’t spelled any single shot at least. But I’m so much thankful to you, Mom; for supporting me in that damn scruffy morning. Mom interpreted everything that she knows what I’m doing on late night. She always holds me in disgusts, I supposed to face. That monologue doesn’t mean Dad extort my wishes away. In this case, he didn’t comprehend me and the supports gave by mom was a huge failure! Later, Dad started lurching regarding my past as well as present.

    I was such an eminent boy during 10th level grade. A pure BOOKWORM! A boy who is bit shy and highly insane about his studies ONLY. It would be easier for me to share, how was those days and make you know what exactly a BOOKWORM is….. LOL. 😀 😀

    This is all about the habitats I had on those days! Alarm rang at sharp 4‘o’ clock in the morning and I woke up without any laziness in getting away from 6 hours of sleeping. After having the morning usual habits, will have 2 hours of studies in my well super scribed table, fully allotted for the academic stuffs. Later on, half an hour YOGA ASANAS… Still so glad to say that I’m a YOGI! It always keeps my mind cool and fresh. And I can even stretch my back bone to up to any extent too. :D. Then, I’ll go to school after having my breakfast and new paper reading for a short while.

    At School, I was a disciple who is fully concentrated for the conspiracy in filling his brain with mentor’s talk outs ONLY! He was bit shy too. Hence, he was always a lovely and brightest student in the whole school itself. He enclosed that verbosity praise by teachers as an invincible tag. His friends called this guy as “BHUJI”(means brilliant boy) whenever they saw him. He spared many of his peptic talents inside him for the sake of concentrating in studies ONLY!  For this, he subverted even from the co-curricular activities in a topsy-turvy manner. And he succeeded in sparing all those flicks too. Passed out from the school with top 3 percentages of marks! “A feather in one’s cap” , that’s what he made finally! Well honoured in front of the PUBLIC …

    Later, he found out an invidious fact! Simply focusing only on studies won’t serve you ANYTHING…One of the most inviolable truth meddled on his brain ever. Hence he decided to opt for a change from the path what he was following. I don’t know ,whether the change came is all because of my age! 😀 . I’m a 16 years old TEEN  now. Excess production of sexual hormones and its secretion process inside my body is under process.  So a must change could be there no?

    During the next 2 years of studies, he showed the real CHANGE, which includes behavioural, character, physical and mental changes. The restive hormonal secretion made him to focus on extra co curricular activities in addition to studies as well. May be because of that, he was not aiming and caring on studies as before. A slack full way of vagary that’s it! He had enough excellence in studies though. But fell off to top 15’s…. 😀 😀 .He started behaving exactly opposite to the habitat followed while studying in 10th grade. Hence parents started focusing on this guy and scolded as far as possible for the behavioural changes he have now…

    “I am in adolescence, in reverse, as mysterious as the first, except that this time I feel it as a decay of the odds that I might live for a while, that I can sleep it off.”

    So he keeps on going in the path followed during adolescence. Right now, he is an Engineering student! Don’t forget that, boy mentioned in the above tale is about a guy who had been un-embraced by dad for exposing his own creative thoughts and views in front of the public.

    Please do understand me, Dad…!

    Hey dad,
    Don’t you have any faith and trust on your son? I’m so sad to hear those slash full words, you ain’t at me. Writing is my passion! No one can offish that out from me. Each and every blooms of writing serves me delectable and extraneous flushes on my mind. Please don’t disclaim it. I beg YOU..
    You don’t know how it feels! I’m not deceiving anyone here. Late night blogging is an imperturbable time for me to tapper the creativity in writing about anything. I don’t know, why is it so?? Can sit and fasten my work to any interminable extent during that time…

    A kind letter from your son, Dad….! 🙂 🙂

    Now, here it is……………!

    This is what I really wants to convey through this post. The above mentioned problem got solved! It was all because of my buddy gal.  Nope, my own OWL in this blogging world….

    “Tell him how you love writing. And abandoning it would be a great loss to your living heart and soul.

               Criticizing and taunting him how he doesn’t know about such works and passion is not a solution. He must     have had some passion as well in his youth. Sit with him. Explain him. Elaborate him.
How your grades would be according to his choice if he is facilitating you with enough resources. Do believe in a GENERATION GAP, but after all parents know their child.
As far as late night is concerned, compromise there..

Tell him… You are going to sleep by half past 1 or 2
Okay now.. LISTEN! Just do what I said..

I think your sissa is the best solution at the present times!

And believe me, your sister can be a help too.

Explain her all this..

And being the dad’s doll girl she can convey it to dad. After all, he is your dad and can’t ever think bad for YOU

Convey yourself as you as 50 years old though and have a talk with him. ”

It did works really well. I was just amazed, how she innovated the worst situation of mine successfully! A MIRACLE HAD HAPPENED… Your MANTRAS oust it in an unusual way gal… 😛 🙂
Buddy OWL has proved her VERSATILITY scroll here too. Hats off to you Naima!\m/ ❤ ❤

I’m specially dedicating this post to you buddy…. ❤ ❤
Love you lots. :))

Cheers…! 😀 😀

Rahul Ashok

13 thoughts on “I beg you, Dad! :( :(

  1. GOSH!!! I can’t believe you just typed in my words to you. I am so over-whelmed by this post and the way you have dedicated it to me cause of my suggestions makes it worthwhile. I so am in awe right now for such a dedication Rahul.
    I am too glad that shared your heart with me ad I was able to guide you through this zig zag path , have a great life ahead Rahul – success is awaiting YOU!
    Cheers and loads of blessings and love.
    Thank you a millions tons for being so humble for the dedication.
    Live long and healthy,

    • Huhahahahah….!
      That’s RAHUL ASHOK… 😉 😀 😛
      I told you no?? There is a surprise waiting for you soon. It was really an implausible moment for me! You interlaced dad’s thoughts with my views entirely buddy.
      A great future is awaiting for you…
      Keep going… 🙂 🙂
      And thanks for the words of encouragement too. 🙂 🙂
      May the good God almighty’s blessings with you always…
      Have a great day ahead. 😀
      Cheers. 🙂 😀

      • You know I haven’t slept for the entire night and even now I AM NOT SLEEPY!!!
        I think I have gone CRAZY!!! Lol!
        Any ways, being a DAUGHTER, I know dads too well that is why helped ya with my instincts only.
        Cheers to you too!!

      • Oops! Please do have some sleep soon gal. Still making me AMAZED in thinking about you?? Is it fair to do so??
        No need of getting CRAZY. Just chill sleepless OWL. 😉 😀
        Yup, TOTALLY AGREED that you knows Dad well. \m/ 🙂

      • Yup, I really mean it! I don’t know why…
        Next target question for you sleepless OWL… 😀 😉
        Why Rahul is this much impressed and amazed about you, Naima???? 😀 🙂

      • Don’t tell me this is gonna be your next BLOG POST!!!!
        I will die of blushing this much in such a short span of time!
        You are amazing yourself that is why find me amazing too dear.

      • Haha! May i go for it?? Why I’m this much impressed about Naima’s world! That’ll be the title name. 😀 😛
        Yup, a well defined and simplest view that can give to BEAUTY!\m/\m/
        I’m highly ecstatic in this early new morning itself gal..
        Cheers! 🙂

  2. I loved this post. 🙂 I used to be a padipist too… 🙂 And now, even my dad asks me why I waste so much time in blogging… 😀 Guess we’re all in the same boat!

  3. PADIPPIST?? 😀 😀
    I’m not a guy of that kind, Roshni!
    And, not at all interested to be known as a PADIPPIST though…
    It’ll favor you, some sort of blessings from teachers only! Simply focusing on studies alone will not favor you anything. It’s a fact!
    That doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t focus on studies well. Be always an all-rounder in every field!
    Haha…! YOU TOO Roshni??? 😀 😛
    കൊള്ളാം മോളേ!
    അച്ഛനോട് ബ്ലോഗിങ്ങ് ചുമ്മാ പിള്ളേര് കളി ഒന്നുമല്ല എന്ന്‍ പറയെട്ട… 😀
    Have a great day ahead gal.

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