I have lost something which was my own!!

This post is a reminder…of something that I had lost in touch with…
My ‘handwriting‘…
It is one thing that is most related to my self, as heard in some words of wisdom… It is a reflection of my character and mood getting deviated and ugly at times, getting beautified in greeting cards and getting too unreadable in impositions… It used to make me honored or frustrated with circumstances… Taking the oldie b’day and letter cards that I had collected in a small box kept in my room, it makes me feel the person who had written it and bring in lot of memories associated with the history of each scribble in it, how the ‘h’ got deviated with the other girl’s naughty knock, how the running small ‘f’ was styled by darkening and lightening… Aah!
Even in my emotions of diary pages, I see the tear drops dried, the ink spread and blurred… My handwriting was a part of my expression too… It used to absorb my emotions
With the complete shift of writing from diary to lappy, I wonder how my handwriting was like, and how it is now… I lost the familiarity and the flow of writing. It was as if, I lost a part of myself!
Writing involves not only the hand and wrist but also the arm, the shoulder, sometimes the whole body. At this instant i’m reminding, Vinay who was an old class mate of mine. Specialty about him is his left hand writing! We people were supposed to focus on him while he writes something.  Left-handers especially demonstrate the exertion of writing, curling their entire bodies round their pens as they write, smearing their words as they go. It was really interesting to watch tho. 🙂 🙂
Here are some pics showing the variation occurred in my hand writing during various periods… 😀 🙂

Another way of style in writing at my school days..! 🙂 🙂

My present style! 🙂 😛

So handwriting is a precious thing you have! It is yourself. Keep in touch and try your level best to make it resplendent as much you can! 🙂 🙂
Have a nice day ahead buds… 🙂

Rahul Ashok 


14 thoughts on “I have lost something which was my own!!

  1. What a delightful post! Such a great point you make here in this era when keyboards have replaced pencils. An excellent reminder. Thank you!

  2. OMG! This was an excellent post but you know I don’t worry about my HAND-WRITING!
    May be because I love my pen more than my keyboard, that is why I maintain record of my writing posts in black and white too! Well, to be very honest, your writing ain’t that bad so TAKE A CHILL PILL 😉

    • Huhahahah! Thanks for that words of appreciation at the beginning and revealing out the fact that my hand writing is not so looking good. 😛 😀
      Sounds great that you still keep up focusing on writing with pen than keyboard short cuts.. 😀 🙂
      Cheers…! 🙂 😉

      • Hahahaha 🙂
        Don’t ya see it how I even type, I don’t prefer using shortcuts and may be that is one advantage of how I love my pen more than my KEYBOARD 😉
        God Bless You;

      • LOL…! That doesn’t mean I hate using pens… 😀 😛
        Naimaji, I know you are a prominent writer. 🙂
        Hence you have got prolix’s to state why you love handwriting..:)
        But it’s a matter of fact that I’m not much substantive about the beauty of my handwriting. 🙂
        I’m happy to hear that you traquiled it worthly. 🙂
        Cheers.. 🙂 P 😀

      • Well however you interpret my comment regarding that Rahul, I would again mention it duly how YOUR HAND-WRITING is not a mess at all!
        Bravo boy!

  3. LOL! 😀 😛
    Do mean it really Bunmi?? 😛 😉
    Yup, it is….. Someone must remind this kind of simple flints no?
    That’s what i conveyed.
    Thanks for the appreciation.. 🙂

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