This is all about a girl….!

Her mobile beeps with a text message finally in the evening. She took her phone and opened the message from him. “Hey,being frank!May I ask you a query please? Why can’t we be just friends? It would be much better know??” She didn’t replied pseud thought at that intant. But she revealed that finally via a social media network as inbox. “I’m Confused”!!  That’s what he gets as a response from her!                                                                                                                                                               


 Later on, one day his mobile rings!!! It was her, who is supposed to be his best friend. He picks up the call despite the noise around. Since night calling is strictly prohibited at his home by parents, he went out to have a talk with her. “Why did you call me?”, he asked her numb fully. She gets shocked and searched for an answer, but couldn’t find a word! Even she lost start up of a conversation, “Hello….”. “How can I tell you that i missed you….”, she told to herself. “I’ll call you back”, that’s what he replied at that instant. She felt that someone slaps her with those words of fire! Call dropped…(Teeee teeee teeee. . .beeps….) “Oh my gosh! This time too….”, she thought…!


Within days, she had tried to get used to be with such sort of changes. “His behaviour changed a lot like an interloper”, she thought. She thinks about the past that, she had with him. She wish to hear a company minded expressions  from him during their talks as before. May be it is not the sound that he has changed , it’s just the familiarity that had faded off.  Relationship was so sweet between them. When that sweetness starts to fade, the voice sounded more and more rough. He was becoming an unfamiliar person to her. What the hell is going on between them?


She takes her saved messages and inbox folder on her phone. With much awaited automatic act, she scrolls it for seeking something.  His name gets filled in those folders as messages. Again scrolls down and starts reading from the most updated date when he texted her. She smiles in between, sometimes it gets on to a more soft laugh, her eyes blooms with curiosity for the next, since she is reading it for the first time. As she proceeds, her finger tips get a bit slow, sometimes it refuses to click back and sometimes her finger tip show the pain of some words in it….or memories alive on her mind…


“Are you busy out there? Why no contacts or messages on last days? I miss you…”-Reading this, she smiled at herself. But there was a bit of tears glow in her eyes.


She scrolls the folder up again. She loves seeing his name filling up her small screen. It was as if he was filling up the small space that she owned. Reach the first message in the front, she takes the message details, and the date displays as ‘April 22’.She looks up the calendar that was hanging on the wall. It’s May 9th!!She calculated with her fingers….16 days…that seemed to be so many months for her. She leans her head to right side wall with the gadget on her hand. Her face looks very emotional and her eyes display visual gets reflected in the dark sphere in the centre. As soon the expressions get drowned in ripples that reflected in her eyes. Immediately, she deletes the inbox as well as saved messages folder in her mobile. She has a vacant mind right now. She tries hard not to cry. She switches off her mobile, keeps it on the table besides. The waving curtains slides over her face which hangs by her door. Those waves were memories that were flowing out and in her.


There was a time when he used to find her in each part of the day. He couldn’t resist calling her everytime he found a gap. It was as if in an unconscious way that he used call her during night time. Night calling means, minimum call duration of 40 minutes/day. But it’s just a matter of fact that an insolent incident happens once and night calling restricts for him by his parents later.


Now the messages, the excuses and their rare conversations are filled up with statements about how busy he is. She remains silent to what hurts her in real. She decides not to continue it any more. She hears a penetrating voice from herself-


“The passion should be mutual. His passion is ended. Otherwise one would be the fooled and other would be cared. That wouldn’t happen”


She thinks that it is only him who does all that to her. She hasn’t given such a space for anyone to play on her. It was his entire privileged kingdom. She has to withdraw from what she herself has tied to. She thinks of even deleting his number from her gadget. But her lips is well aware about his numbers without any confusion. She is well aware about the depth of her feeling for him and that no deletions can easily change it. But she can’t resist it, since she is bound to do it.


She speaks too much to him as if there in front…loud…in high volume. Her voice creeps up, she shouts, she scolds and blames him, she reveals many things….


“Go Away”


She cries with full surety that she was alone in that space, covers her wet face with both hands and still thinking why he is avoiding me???? After that emotional eruption, she takes her blanket… She chooses silence and darkness…


“Silence is a girl’s loudest cry, because it’s only when she hurt too extremely that she opts for it”

But it’s a matter of fact that your buddy boy still loves you…! 🙂 🙂 


24 thoughts on “This is all about a girl….!

      • Huhahahahahah!
        Few of my friends cried after reading this no? 🙂 😀
        It’s all my femine thoughts(psychological aspect) which provoked me to sequel the above work. Let me tell the psychological fact,which i had found behind it.:P
        First of all, “For each and every human being have got both male as well female way of thoughts!”. Some people may fall in love with male in me, some with the female in me. The female in a male can fall for a male in a female as well. It is just an interesting mental play without you getting aware of it! And every relationship gets built on this core of ‘love’. For those who are interested in psychology may find a lot in this, and those who are not will call me INSANE. Welcome to both! But let me say, once you start really thinking about this topic, I bet you will find your reasons to believe it.It’s a challenge for you . . . ! 😀 😛

      • Now I am stupefied and gaping on how ya explained this psychology to me. Ya know I read about it an year ago, and that is so true. A male have both sides feminine and masculine in his character, it depends on him when to use which side of the character and same goes with women. As far as love is concerned, it doesn’t need any particular character cause this is the blessing of ALMIGHTY on both the genders, it is the game of heart and soul in which ya gamble your feelings without knowing the state of the other heart. Love is pure though a reckless GAME.
        God Bless You.

      • Ya,sure…! Let me ask you something which is really inexplicable for me… 😀 😉
        Hope you have read the whole article! What did you felt about the other hearts mind?? Whether she has anything more than a best friend relationship with me?? 🙂 🙂

      • Ummm.. Certainly YES!!
        You know what? Men and women are possessive in their own places! They might not like their partner’s attention to be diverted to any other matter but THEM!
        Secondly, I don’t blame you, but MEN face hard time realizing their real worth in some loved one’s heart! Even if that is a sister, they might think she is doing her job but in reality that might be a favour and same goes with the time when SOMEONE loves them, THEY THINK THEY OWED IT and even if this is not the case, they lack to understand the other side super-imposing their opinion! yeah, women at time gets irritated too by continue keeping a check or by restraining the men (which isn’t a good thing) but on the whole, if conflicts are there, ya cant BLAME any ONE – both are to be blamed proportionally!
        Any ways, lack of understanding and expression leads to somehow a CONFLICT too so never veil anything but let the feeling flow and words GO!! You will see the DIFFERENCE!

  1. Haha! I’m just confused whether you have got enough maturity than me even we are teens tho… 😀 😛
    And see…. this was a post i made specially to my best friend! It’s a matter of fact that i can read her mind as far as possible…. That’s why i have did such a work to make her know,i’m not just a friend for her.
    I don’t know why this much palpable equality is occurring in between us…. 🙂
    Even most of them gets confused about the relationship we have..
    It’s something unique in all respects I know… 🙂

  2. Yeah, I knew ya would be coming to this point of relating my understanding of this matter as a teenager but believe me, I am not even experienced in this particular phase of life. How I am doing so well in suggesting you is basically my experience of seeing other couples and most probably the exposure I have over the etiquette and specifically the command of sense I have in describing the nature of men and women. However, I think ya did your job by dedicating this to her and letting her know of your heart. Words can be a powerful and rightly influenced weapon whether they are sketched down on paper or spoken out .
    Every relationship is UNIQUE in its own selves dear, ya just got to head out and get more exposure 🙂

  3. Oh yeah.. Sure!
    I am following you so I would come across your contributions often enough you post them 🙂
    I will be more than glad to have a friend like you too 🙂
    God Bless!

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