Can’t a girl and boy be best friends forever?

Actually I have started writing this article after having a talk with one my friend on last night! Friend ???Oh! I’m sorry….! She is my best friend. :). Let me ask you a question before we flicks deep in to the topic. What is the exact difference between a friend and a best friend? I know, most of the answers that i would get will be just comparisons between these two. I mean something like, “A friend cares for one another and look out for each other. But a best friend is someone with who shares the strongest possibility of a friendship.” Since I’m not a eminent writer, not at all interested to share such sort of heavy definitions or impassive peremptory through my write ups. So better obviate it i guess. 😀

For me, the most apt difference between a friend and best friend is that additional word “best” in front of friend itself. :D. It’s not a joke!:) It does shows, that additional word “best” have gave some extra independent and unique meaning for the whole new word-“Best Friend”. Isn’t it??The word best shows, “superlative of good”!! :). So best friend can be defined as………………….??
Huh??Something went wrong with me! :/ .I won’t be able express it through these silly meanings. It’s really offish from me. 😦

Here are some examples showing the difference between a friend and best friend. It would be much better and easier for me to convey what actually I meant. Hope you’ll get it well.
*A friend will call your parents with their names, uncles, aunts or such sort of established ordered words.But a best friend will calls them as dad, mom, acha, amma and all.
*A friend knows only a few things about you. But a best friend could write a biography on your life story.
*A friend never seen you cry. But best friend won’t tell everyone else you cried, just laugh about it with you in private even in a worst situation.
*A friend asks to write your cell no. But a best friend would be well aware about your number on his/her own mind.
*You have to tell them to tell anyone for a friend. But in the case of a best friend, it’s reverse would happen. Means he/she already know, not to tell.

Have got much more examples. It will be boring to read all these examples since everyone of you knew about this well.Any additional explanations needed for the above whereabouts? No need, huh? Explanation is well defined in those examples itself.

Here it is…..I don’t know how many of you can have a punch-up response for this! Hope this must be the question i should ask you….:D
How far a best friend relationship can exist in between a boy and girl?

Friends for ever??
Whether they will get married later??

Confusion confusion…..! 😛

According to Shakespeare, “A boy and a girl can never be friends forever.”

Lincon said, “Best friend relationship between a boy and girl is the starting step for what we call Love.”

Wordsworth said, “Proposing a boy or girl for friendship is nothing but indirectly saying, I like you.”

Michael Jackson said, “If one can become your best friend, then he/she can easily become your life partner.”

Hey, I know you all were the most prominent personalities in all respects around the whole world. But it’s a matter of fact that I strongly disagree with all those mere quotes. I really mean it great gentle men’s! There is no need of telling any sorry for that opinion from me it seems. 😀

But still most of them (including parents, teachers and all) strongly agree with those quotes I know. Even at my own home! Parents will surely got doubted,when I’m supposed to attend a call from a girl friend.I’m damn sure about it because this is one among the recent topic at my home,where my mom usually scolds me at times. 😦

“I ain’t laughing at those who can’t accept a relationship like friendship in between a boy and girl.We are new generation beads! We are following the extreme way of living that you people followed at our age. Please try to understand that fact.”

Anyway,let me conclude with that supplicate!Before that,i must express my own verdict about the topic  you know?

“A girl and boy can be best friends forever”

That’s my verdict! 🙂 🙂 


Rahul Ashok

21 thoughts on “Can’t a girl and boy be best friends forever?

  1. I totally agree with your opinion, boy and girl, or man and woman can be friends/ best friends. It would be said if it wasn’t that way, otherwise we would have not many friends of the other sex. It is other people who doubt this as they don’t believe in just pure good friendship of young people, they always assume otherwise, and assunimg and judging people is wrong. If my teenage children come home with a good friend of the other sex, I will believe them as I truly believe friendship is something amazing and wonderful. I wish you lots of wonderful friends.:-)

  2. I USED to agree with you until my “best friend” hit on me. Now I ask (and you don’t have to answer), if you had the chance to be with her romantically, would you? If there is a “yes” looming there, guess what? You are smitten. You might not want to admit it, but rent WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. 😉

    Nice to meet you! I found you from #WanaUnite or something like that.

  3. wow its amazing i am —speech less—- by the way the same thing i want to explain it to my friends,,parents and to every1 but i couldn’t explain it bcoz i dont know how to……. but u helped me thx alot bro and i wish that this article must open out through the world 🙂

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