When You Miss Her?

“How can you sleep when you miss her at the most– still, you don’t know what to do?,” she asked him, lying on his widen chest.

He ceased drinking the bottle of wine he was having, kept it on the table adjacent to their bed, and stared at her eyes. She tightened her arms around his body, as much as she can, and waited for a sec to listen to him. He said, “Honey, I would, maybe, think of the priceless memories we had together. It’ll certainly hurt me– she’s miles away from me. But I know how it feels to be with her, at least in those limited pictures of her silliness I’ve captured by my mind. I know it. Because she knows it– how I feel about her, too.”

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A Year Ago

Because there was no other intention I had in mind when we met. Hence I had fallen in love with her simple words, then with her sparkling eyes, at first sight; but later, for her at second sight.

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Regrets of Love

....that's how their story ended up in silence. She walked away from him. He didn't utter a word to stop her; she didn't know that he loved her either, but she knew that she had never loved anybody else, just him. Only him.

How I Made a Long Blog Post About My Trip?

A few days ago, Naima, author of Global Unison and one among my good friends from the blogging circle, has asked me to pen down further about the experiences of the trip I had to Malappuram with my sister on January, 2015. Excuse me for the delay I’ve made to update the content here though; I’m extremely glad to update it at least by now as I’m outdated here nowadays due to some other reasons­­—trying to give least attention on cyber world, new books collection of random genres, been busy with the Silicon Valley 1st season and the Game of Thrones series at the same time, working as a freelance content crafter, boring college schedules and a few more other personal stuffs. Anyway, if you’re there, then this post is for you, Naima. Hope you’ll love reading it.

So you wanted to know how I made a long post about the trip and what I felt while writing down the personal experiences of mine in Malappuram together with Revu, my sister. I’m unsure whether I got you right or not, still here is the answer for your queries in simple words.

Generally, I don’t prefer to write lengthy blog posts— I admit that I’m not good at expressing long fictional thoughts—because I felt that it doesn’t give a better reading experience to my valuable readers. Then how should I go for descriptive takes? Here is the 10 major factors for which I give importance while writing down the contents devoid of any limitation on the word count.

When you write regarding anything in real, which you’ve already experienced, then you wouldn’t care about what you’re writing. Because you’re not lying, but you’re penning down what you already know, what you had been through in a few minutes, hours or days ago.

I didn’t think of the grammatical errors while working on that specific post; it was actually a written draft. I was in a perfect mood for writing.

Choose a better notepad to be installed in your Smartphone so that you can scribble your ideas, maybe a mere thought, whenever something hits your brain at anytime.

Which one is your favorite application for typing the texts? Word or Evernote? Mine is Word as I’ve been a Word user since I started blogging 3 year ago.

Don’t think too much. Just write. Write. Go on writing.

Play your favorite music in low voice for a better ambiance. Don’t try to restrict yourself in order to complete the work within one sit. It’s your time. And do whatever you want in between.

Choose the best time for writing. It varies from person-to-person. Maybe, for you, its right after a hot coffee in the evening, but mine is during late midnight.

Read. Read as much as you can— books of any sort ranging from Goosebumps to your favorite author’s recently published work.

If you’re done with the draft, then 90% of the work is finished.

Go through whatever you’ve written in the draft, make necessary changes, show it to somebody who has similar interest on reading and writing, and publish it whenever you want.

Now, regarding the other experiences I had in Malappuram apart from what I’ve written in the blog post.

I had such a lovely time with Revu in Malappuram after a long time, Naima. And again, I understood from the trip that train journeys are far more reliable and refreshing ones while comparing with the other means of transport in India. Travelling is the easiest way— a much needed change that everybody seek in their lives at every point— to enjoy and find happiness at wherever you go. It enlightens our minds. It makes us feel more real. I know that I don’t have to mention this all to you, Bird of passage. You know it. Yes, you know what I’m trying to say.

Like you’ve mentioned, here are some more pictures we have captured during the trip:

In return to this dedicated post, I would like to know why you have asked me to write a post of this kind. Hope you’ll get back to me soon.

To the rest of the world, have a happy weekend from my side. Enjoy each and every moment. Move forward. Never give upon your dreams to conquer the depths of happiness in life. 

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Life of an Engineering Student

I’m Rahul Ashok, a citizen of Kochi, India, who has taken Engineering in my mother nation (Of course, I’m an Indian and the Indian Engineering Education is too different from rest of the world) as a degree, not as course of study, right after completing my higher secondary school days. Yes, I was so immature to select Engineering as a course of study, which is completely against my personal interests, and it was purely coincidental that it’s a random choice I’d taken at the age of 17- to prefer Engineering as a worst phase in my present life due to the excitement raised from my beloved parents to see me as a future Engineer, and thus become a successful Engineer to survive in his life by earning a 6 digit Indian currency as the salary by the end of each month.

Being so frank, the choice of taking Engineering is the worst decision I’ve ever taken in my whole lifetime. Hence I’m still suffering from it. What I’ve in mind at the moment is to cross the declared bridge of Engineering by completing the course, which is 1 more year away from me. Within this 3 year of Engineering life, the most important things I’ve acquired are: loss of 25920 hours of youth and its payment via cash of around 3 lakh Indian currencies, a bunch of backlogs, and missed certain notable things I really wanted to do in life through art and literature. Anyways, it’s gone; it’s already gone. But the losses I’ve couldn’t compensate with any of the outcomes that I may receive after the completion of this degree. Because I know that this course stream is completely a waste of time which can harm anybody’s mind who lacks the right interest in it, or at least try to adjust and dissolve in its flow by clearing the contented count of papers in every semester with a pass mark.

Since the 1st year, I acknowledged right after writing the 1st internal exam that this isn’t something I can adjust with. When the result came, I showed it to my parents and received the reputed honor for being a good kid to act against my instinct for continuing the course further; they brainwashed me by encouraging that I can do it simply as I was not that bad at studies in my school days. The same melodrama repeated in the later semesters as well. I tried to adjust with it. I tried to clear at least the papers I had to appear by the end of each semester. But then, I found that it’s not working with me. It didn’t show any difference in the papers I’ve written. And I knew that the sole factor behind my failures were the interest I lack in it and the instinct I’ve felt about myself to do what should I do. When I know what should I do, then how can I do something which is extremely different from it?

If you’re an Indian Engineering student like me, then you’ll easily understand what I’m trying to say. I’d a clean discussion about the same with Ioanna Aggledski, a blogging mate, a year ago. What she shared about her own personal experience as a Mechanical Engineering graduate from a reputed University in Greece agreed upon with the account I’ve on Engineering based studies in India. When you’re dwelling in other corners of the world, except in India, all you need is a proper attraction to stick onto Engineering with utmost passion to learn about machines or technology or other specified fields of your interest. If you doubt whether you’re really willing to be a part of it, then you can find it out effortlessly by following the procedures required before opting Engineering course study at any of the Universities in the world. I’m not saying that everybody who have been studying Engineering in India are like me, but majority of them are like me because India has a huge number of self-financing and private Engineering colleges, other than nationally recognized institutes like IIT for quality education, where you can certainly get a seat in any trade as per your choice if you know the basics of science, mathematics, and financially good enough to make an investment of approx 75k Indian currencies per year. In case if you’re not financially good, then don’t worry. All those attractive offers from Indian banks are waiting for you. I’d already used their facility for 3 times, but later then I discovered an implacable truth that Indian banks earn 14% as interest for the amount they’re paying for the educational purpose. It’s quite strange where the financial institutions in a nation provide loans for 8-10% to buy a vehicle/ build a home of your dreams, but 14% as interest to meet the educational needs for studying in a college. And the most interesting fact is most of them who prefer educational loans are unfamiliar of this crooked play; they come to know about it only by the end of course stream that they have to repay an amount of 3.5 lakhs for a loan costs 2 lakhs they’ve taken.

Big MNC’s like Infosys, Bluestar, Wipro, etc are paying a monthly salary of less than 40k for a fresher joining in their team. That too, working all day long in the offices for at least 6 hour/day; I’m happy that these companies are giving off to their followers on weekends, maybe they know that it’s inhumane to torture their followers everyday in an year. I doubt, whether they understand the worthiness of Indian currencies paying to their employees for the hectic and tiresome works they’ve been doing?  And how much is a penny worth in India to lead a life according to the dreams of your parents for the money investments they’ve made in a yearly basis?

While saying about the syllabus and other aspects of engineering curriculum, if you’re good at memorizing things you learn in Engineering, then it’s sure that you can clear the papers at the end of every semester. Also, make sure that you’re keeping a good contact with respective tutors for each subject, if not it’ll definitely affect your internal marks. Other than these 2 factors, you don’t need to attend the lectures every day. You don’t need to submit the assignments. You don’t need to study every day. Of course, you might be wondering why I’m saying about memorizing the things you learn as it’s the right way to crack every written examination, let it be an exam to be written either in a school or college. But, you know, when you read/ learn/ understand new things, you shouldn’t force yourself to make you feel that you’re getting it; that you’re enjoying the taste of your favorite ripened fruit, not eating it because the fruit is ripened.

So, here I’m, studying in the 6th semester of Engineering at one among the well-known colleges in Kochi, doing what I like to do rather than moving ahead with the flaky steps of Engineering, anymore. I firmly do believe that Engineering is merely a degree for me. Apart from getting a degree, I want to enjoy my life. I’ve my life here. I’m choosing it to enjoy it. And I’m doing it. I’m definitely sure that my beloved parents worry about my future. But I know. I wouldn’t end up with nothing. There are dreams still exist in me. I wouldn’t fail to conquer it. And I know what to do; how to catch my dreams by doing what I love to do.

P.S. I’ve been working as a freelance content writer and earning a 5 digit salary by spending maximum 2-3 hours/ day at home. Haven’t drop out from college yet like Jobs, Gates or Zuckerberg had done; I’m an Indian Engineering student, you know? Still, I’m looking forward to do something of my own. It takes risk. Though I know I’m going to grab what I like. It matters the most and I really do mean it.

P.S.S. Dreams come true when you’re enjoying what you do and live for what you want to do.

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Nameless Writer

I’m a nameless writer

She is my sole subject

A few characters, in addition

To attach a life in to a story

And here is my life story

That lives inside my soul

Rolls in and out for a flow

Which reflects the minutes

Already passed, and days, years

Yet to come, to spill the ink

On that white paper, where I write

But the naughtiness of ink

Clears the beauty of my thoughts

To showcase an imaginary

Tale, still to be written

With the same characters

Blends by the changes in their lives

From being natural to artificial

Clears their past to present

To accept my story smells with her scent.

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